Welcome to the UGSF Hub Wiki!Edit

The Hub of every UGSF Wiki in existance. This Wiki both tells the main UGSF story and links to the other existing UGSF wikis. Since the UGSF Wikis are run by different admins the Hub wiki has it's fair share of Admins which have the same amount of power.

Did you Know....Edit

  • ....that Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 takes place in the UGSF universe?
  • is possible that Pac-Man's involved since Pookas appear in Pac-Man World 2.
  • ....the series spreads over five millenia.

What is UGSF?Edit

UGSF or United Galaxy Space Force is a Sci-Fi series by Namco-Bandai games. It started out in shooters but, has since become a series of different generes. The

The UGSF has started space exploration and defense beyond our home galaxy.

main point of the story is the UGSF which attempt to make a home for human population by inhabiting other galaxies, and defeating hostile alien races. Although the series is futuristic it uses several other game series also by Namco to create a large expansive timeline that covers past, present, & future to create the ultimate timeline. Although most enemies are aliens some, like the Military Empire are human. In this expansive game series, you are a Galaxian(Being of the Galaxy) Your Mission: Destroy Enemies.

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